empowering you to fix
what is broken

Thousands of possible coding combinations that vary by payer and change every year. Confusing billing requirements. Yearly fee schedule and contract changes. And to top it off, your clinic may still be predominantly “paper based”. As a clinic employee working along the revenue cycle, you have limited time in your day. Keeping up with all the change while trying to do your job can be overwhelming. We know how you feel.

CrossCurrent knows that to be effective, you need to know what to do and when to do it. You need clearly defined job responsibilities and management expectations. You need software designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing surgical planning, coding and billing, and dispute management processes.

CrossCurrent works with you during the course of a project, training you in the use of tools that help you manage your time. We provide you with easy to use work lists and guidelines that assist you. You can spend your time most effectively, doing your part to ensure that every claim gets paid quickly and accurately.