Michael Zindrick

“CrossCurrent has the most innovative revenue cycle solution on the market for spine and neurosurgery clinics. I am aware of no other product or service that delivers a similarly sized increase to my practice revenues. Their INCISIVE™ planning, coding and dispute management software ensures that I am being accurately reimbursed, and saves me and my staff time!”

Michael Zindrick, MD Hinsdale Clinic, Hinsdale, Illinois

Paul Schwaegler

“CrossCurrent's solution has never been more critical to the financial health of my clinic's business operations. With ever present downward pressures on my reimbursement, no other solution comes close to delivering the magnitude of increase to my practice revenues. Without their INCISIVE™ toolset, physicians will never know whether or not they are being fairly reimbursed, nor will they be able to properly and efficiently dispute underpayments.

CrossCurrent offers a no risk partnership where they get paid a percentage of the increased practice revenues they produce. As physicians, we are constantly bombarded with requests from software and consulting vendors who claim to make a difference to your practice. CrossCurrent actually delivers and has earned my highest endorsement. If you evaluate one solution this year, make it CrossCurrent's.”

Paul Schwaegler, MD Seattle Spine Institute, Seattle, Washington

Aleksandar Curcin

“As a clinic CEO, I am constantly evaluating new solutions, software products and consultants. CrossCurrent's revenue cycle solution is one I can honestly say deserves a serious look. Besides increasing my surgeon's revenue, their software tools are like having a coding and contract expert permanently on call! I don't worry about yearly coding updates and contract changes that might affect my surgeon's billings and reimbursement. Their new management dashboards and reports go beyond reporting traditional retrospective key performance indicators and offer innovative ways to look at revenue cycle performance on a forward looking basis.”

Dave Kanzler, CEO Hinsdale Clinic, Hinsdale, Illinois

Aleksandar Curcin

“My staff loves the CrossCurrent solution. It helps them do the right thing at the right time. No more underpaid cases or cases "falling through the cracks". From generating pre-op plans that I can share with co-surgeons and device manufacturers and the OR scheduling staff to automating the fee ticket generation, CrossCurrent delivers a product that saves me and my staff time.”

Aleksandar Curcin, MD South Coast Orthopaedic Associates, Coos Bay, Oregon

Wendy Bendfeldt

“CrossCurrent is the must have revenue cycle solution for our clinic. No other solution on the market compares in terms of delivering significant increases in my revenue and saving me time. Their unique fee structure takes away any financial risk to my practice, CrossCurrent only gets paid if my revenues increase! All this coupled with capable knowledgeable staff and the best customer service in the industry - you can't go wrong”

Wendy Bendfeldt, Administrative Director Illinois Spine & Scoliosis Center, Homer Glen, Illinois