David Hanscom

Dr. David Hanscom, Spine surgeon

Clinic: Swedish Neuroscience

Location: Seattle, WA

Incisive Usage: 5 years


Dr. Hanscom brings a unique perspective to his experience with CrossCurrent and in particular, his assessment of INCISIVETM, our industry leading software solution. As a five-year user, and a participant in its initial Beta release, Dr. Hanscom has seen the evolution of INCISIVE from a surgeon’s point of view.

“Incisive will transform the ability of a surgeon to run a practice. The complexity of billing and collecting has precluded the ability of any given business manager to efficiently run the billing office of a practice. These tools give you the capacity to track every step of the billing process creating clarity and accountability.

The software also provides an array of other valuable features including: an exact expected payment to implement an accountable write-off process, log system to track surgical requests, ability to instantly transmit surgical needs to every party involved, increased consistency and ease of surgical coding, profiling of your work RVU’s and scope of surgical cases, and the ability to quickly dispute inequities in reimbursement.

This is the only system that will transform the infinite complexity of surgical planning, coding, billing, collecting, and accountability into a clear workable process. Although it appears that the main value is increased revenue, the effect on workflow is profound. You will finally have the ability to truly run your practice.”


I have spent over 20 years working closely with physiatrists in rehabilitating patients with spinal problems. Often surgery can be completely avoided with a comprehensive structured rehabilitation approach. If surgery is required then rehab can maximize the benefit of the surgery. I have over 20 years of experience with very complex revision surgery in all areas of the spine. I do a lot of spinal deformity surgery in adolescents and adults. I am developing a classification system to improve the selection of surgery for a given clinical situation. I am also active in developing clinical research in order to improve our clinical decision making.

Personal Interests

In the process of working with my patients who have chronic pain, I have discovered that stress is a significant factor which aggravates pain. I have been active in developing stress management strategies to present both in and out of my practice. My hobbies include snow skiing, golf, weight training, bird watching, and attempting to learn Italian.

Medical School

Loma Linda University, CA


University of Hawaii, HI

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