getting paid for surgery shouldn't
be harder than
performing it

CrossCurrent offers a full-service, results-oriented solution to streamline your clinic's billing and reimbursement process, save time and increase revenue.

Surgical Revenue Performance Process

Our Surgical Revenue Performance solution (SRP™) is a balanced mixture of process redesign, industry-leading software and effective staff training. Our expertise in orthopedic, spine and neurosurgery revenue cycle processes ensures immediate and permanent results. CrossCurrent has a proven track record of increasing revenue for our clients. We feel so strongly about the outcomes we deliver that our fee structure is tied to your success. We get paid when you get paid.

Our solution includes:

  • Free assessment of your current process
  • A customized solution to integrate with your system
  • Staff training before, during and after installation
  • Industry-leading, cloud-based technology
  • Consultants specifically trained in surgical billing systems
  • Automation where you need it to reduce errors
  • Fee structures tied to your actual revenue increase
  • Ongoing performance monitoring