May 2016

This is a 2nd quarter update for INCISIVE MD that includes Medicare CCI and MUE edits along with 2016 PQRS changes. Additionally, changes have been made to update the remote assistance icon for Exscribe Support, change branding and ownership marks to Exscribe, and update the secure email service to use Exscribe secure email servers.

August 2015

This update provides some last minutes changes for ICD-10. It also fixes issues with starting a remote assistance session within INCISIVE MD.

We have corrected two problems: 1) the application would stop working upon saving a surgery plan if no procedures were selected; 2) incorrect error message that spine instrumentation needs a primary procedure when CPT 22633 is coded for the surgery.

With this release of the software, we have added custom treatments for intralaminar and interspinous devices, changed the surgical planning consultants list to be personal for each surgeon, fixed the issue with Financial RVU calculations after 7/1/2015 showing zero amounts, and some other minor corrections to the software.

This release includes new contract terms for Medicare and Washington L&I. Additionally, we did the quarterly update for Medicare CCI and MUE edits.

June 2015

We have made some improvements to the INCISIVE contract engine and contract management.

This release advises users when decompressive laminectomies are done with lumbar interbody fusion procedures at the same interspace that the decompressions are not payable by Medicare.

We released a minor update that corrects an issue with the remote support request button (red life ring icon) not establishing a session with a Technical Support representative.

This release provides the new and revised AMA CPT procedure codes for 2015. Additionally, we have made several improvements and corrections to the software regarding modifier ordering and other usability issues.

February 2015

This release supports the new Medicare substitution HCPCS modifiers XE, XP, XS, and XU for modifier 59. We provided in early January the Medicare and Illinois Workers Compensation 2015 contract terms along with the CCI Edits Version 21.0 update.

Provided a release with an option for user to create surgical plans without selecting a diagnosis or procedure.

November 2014

Added tracking of Work and Financial RVUs for coded surgeries.

September 2014

Semi-annual release that adds the 2014 Washington Labor & Industry contract term, corrects an issue with combination posterolateral lumbar fusion with interbody fusion (PLF/PLIF) treatment for surgical planning, adds the ability to save planned surgeries as memorized surgeries, and improves searching for procedures.

This release changes the Surgery Planner document by adding patient contact information for customers of INCISIVE PM, improves the glancibility of the equipment lists, and other minor changes to the usability of the application. We have also added some contract payment and deadline information for INCISIVE RC customers.

With this release we have added three new surgical planning statuses, changed the label of planned surgeries needing coding, added the ability to assign patients with no insurance to a specific contract for computing contractual expected amounts, and added a new option for billing non-physician providers for Noridian Medicare carrier. Additionally, in mid–April 2014, we updated the application to include the 2014 Oregon Workers Compensation contract term and the CCI version 20.1 update. We also fixed an issue related to the reporting of PQRS Measure 21.

A major release that adds secure document routing using either a secure email server connection or by using a secure webmail portal. The release also includes the 2014 AMA CPT procedures add to the application related to orthopedic spine and neurosurgery. We also fixed an issue related to planning of spine instrumentation insertion and removal.

November 2013

This release adds support for ICD-10 diagnosis coding, a contract term option to specify which diagnostic coding set to use when planning or coding a surgery, and the ability to have both an ICD-9 and ICD-10 short list of favorite diagnosis codes for each surgeon.

This release adds the third quarter 2013 National CCI edits update, the Washington Labor & Industries contract term update, and additional improvements to the software.

This is the second quarter release to add a Medicare contract term to handle Sequestration, add the second quarter 2013 National CCI edits update, and add an Oregon Workers' Compensation 2013 contract term.

February 2013

This is the second part of the update for 2013. The previous release was for the 2013 AMA CPT procedure codes, the first quarter (Q1) 2013 National CCI edits, and new Medicare and Illinois Workers' Compensation contract terms. This release improves how INCISIVE MD codes for the AMA CPT codebook spine instrumentation guideline. Additional improvements to the usability and coding are also included in this release.

January 2013

This is the annual update for 2013 and includes the 2013 AMA CPT procedure codes, a new temporary Medicare contract for 2013, the first quarter (Q1) 2013 National CCI edits, and new and Illinois Workers' Compensation contract term.

October 2012

This normal fall quarterly release to update annual diagnosis codes, quarterly CMS CCI edits, and also includes a minor change for integration with INCISIVE RC.

This is an intermediate release to correct an issue with treatment searching.

We released a correction to the software to fix an issue when searching would cause the application to stop working.

This is the second quarter release to extend Medicare contract term, add the second quarter (Q1) 2012 National CCI edits, update Illinois Workers' Compensation contract term for revised PPI table, and add a new 2012 contract term for Oregon Workers' Compensation contract.

January 2012

The 2011 End of Year release updates the application for the 2012 AMA CPT codebook changes, 2012 Medicare PQRI program changes, and the first quarter CCI edits update (version 18.0). We also provided new 2012 contract terms for Illinois Workers Compensation and Medicare contracts.

September 2011

This release corrects issues from the previous release of INCISIVE MD, provides both the 2012 ICD9 and 4th Quarter CCI edits updates, and adds a new Illinois Workers' Compensation contract term to implement the 30% reduction in provider payments.

Implements security improvements and industry best practices for safeguarding protected health information to meet the requirements of the HITECH Act. In addition, the application has been updated for the 3rd Quartery CCI edits, adds the Oregona and Washington workers compensation 2012 contract terms, and other small improvements and corrections to INCISIVE MD.

February 2011

A small release to correct an issue with the new AMA CPT Anterior Cervical Decompression and Fusion (ACDF) procedure 22551/22552.

January 2011

This document describes the most recent updates to INCISIVE MD. This release updates the application for the 2011 AMA CPT procedure code changes and the changes to the 2011 Medicare Patient Quality Reporting Indicators (PQRI) reporting requirements. In addition to these normal quarterly and annual updates, we have added a capability to include frequently used unlisted procedures as custom treatments within the application.

February 2010

Minor update to correct a set of issues related with the end of year release.

December 2009

Our new office location, first quarter (Q1) 2010 NCCI edits update, annual AMA CPT procedure code update and new 2010 contract terms for Medicare and Illinois Workers' Compensation.

November 2009

Fourth quarter (Q4) NCCI edits change document, corrections to the new equipment tree, and selected information about Medicare PQRI program.

Annual ICD-9 diagnosis code update and Fourth quarter (Q4) NCCI version 15.3 edits.

September 2009

Oregon and Washington Workers Compensation update, third quarter (Q3) NCCI version 15.2 edits, July AMA CPT 2009 update, several changes to treatments, Modifier 50 for AMA CPT Payment Policy Indicators, new equipment and graft trees, and new Surgery and Disputes states along with a Surgery and Disputes Workflow diagram.

First and Second quarter NCCI versions 15.0 and 15.1 edits, corrected $0 Expected for Arthroscopic Chondroplasty, additional modifiers added, contract expected amounts displayed while planning a surgery, usability improvements related to disputing, AMA CPT coding for physicians assistants, and additional features added to RVU contract terms.

Improvements related to saving surgeries and adds contractual expected amounts for assistants-at-surgery on fee tickets, and the Fourth quarter (Q4) NCCI version 14.3 edits.

A major server update to correct the dispute wizard display of the primary payer payments.

Display locations changed for Discography radiological supervision and interpretation, percutaneous vertebroplasty, and lateral extracavitary approach fusion.

Medicare 2008 physician fee schedule revision and fixed rare procedure selection issue.

Conversion of the software to multi-user, fourth quarter 2008 and First quarter 2009, NCCI Version 13.4 and 14.0, edits update; annual AMA CPT procedure code update, and new 2009 contract terms for Medicare and Illinois Workers' Compensation, and support for Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit.

Second quarter 2009, NCCI Versions 14.1 edits update, patient demographics integration, performance improvements, clinic fee schedule now default fee schedule.

Initial release of INCISIVE MD for orthopaedic and neurosurgeons.