Software Alerts

Below are current alerts about our products.

19 May 2016
This is a 2nd quarter update for INCISIVE MD that includes Medicare CCI and MUE edits along with 2016 PQRS changes. Additionally, changes have been made to update the remote assistance icon for Exscribe Support, change branding and ownership marks to Exscribe, and update the secure email service to use Exscribe secure email servers.

30 September 2015
This update provides some last minutes changes for ICD-10. It also fixes issues with starting a remote assistance session within INCISIVE MD.

26 August 2015
We have corrected two problems: 1) the application would stop working upon saving a surgery plan if no procedures were selected; 2) incorrect error message that spine instrumentation needs a primary procedure when CPT 22633 is coded for the surgery.